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I have worked as a speechwriter, editor or journalist for 25 years in Canada, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

With a graduate degree in journalism and five years at the National Post in Toronto, I moved to the UAE in 2003. I have worked at four news organisations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including The National, where I was the first person hired in 2007 by the editor-in-chief to help launch the newspaper. As foreign editor, I built a team of more than 25 correspondents around the world. In 2010, I became the news editor, and for five years oversaw a desk of more than 40 journalists. In 2015, I was appointed Head of all Digital Operations. I have also held senior positions at Gulf News, Emirates Today and Arabian Business.

My writing has appeared in The Toronto Star, Reuters, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, National Post, Emirates Today, The National, The Hockey News, The Media Network, CEO Middle East, Arabian Business and The Arab Weekly.

My Services
  • Speechwriter

    There is a cadence when delivering a speech. There is a rhythm when trying to convince an audience to see your point of view.

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  • Editor

    A person thinks he can be an editor if he knows the difference between "that" or "which" and "then" or "than".

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  • Copywriter

    A copy writer takes a good idea, and puts it into an expression that is understood and remembered.

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  • Journalist/Reporter

    All journalists have biases, but the skill of a talented journalist is to write the story accurately and in such a way that

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  • Feature Writer

    A story should be told with colour and in great detail. A feature writer can paint the scene and express what is heard

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  • Media Consultant

    Reporters and editors are difficult to get to know. They are cynical and untalkative. A media consultant can help

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  • Op-ed Writer

    Ideas. Trends. Events. The op-ed writer spots these moments in a news cycle and recognises the opportunity to speak up

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  • Proofreader

    The proofreader is the last line of defence. He is the person responsible for the final copy. His job is to catch mistakes.

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  • PR Consultant

    Knowing how to disseminate the news is a great skill. To know how the media will react to a story is an invaluable instinct.

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September 2017 - Present
Writer; The Arab Weekly, London

I contribute features and op-eds that focus on the UAE as well as the entire GCC to this London-based newspaper. thearabweekly.com is produced by Al Arab Publishing House. The site reaches Western and Arab audiences that are both influential and affluent. This news site provides insight and comment on news that affects the Arab World

February 2017-July 2017
Editorial Director; Arabian Business, Dubai

Responsible for five magazines (two weekly, two monthly and one quarterly) and two websites. Managing a team of 14 reporters and editors as well as a pool of freelance writers around the world. Focusing the Arabian Business brand on the GCC exclusively, while making digital and print titles relevant with local residents and international readers. Responsible for achieving the greatest digital month in the history of Arabian Business.

My Blog
30 Oct

Top 10 things my children will never do

My father was born in the 1930s, yet much of what he experienced in his childhood and teenage years in the 1940s and ’50s growing up in Montreal, I also went through growing up in the 1970s and ’80s in Toronto
23 Oct

Time for the UAE to enforce the rule of law

For the business community to thrive in the UAE, the rule of law must be enforced
14 Oct

Book review: Speer saw the Hitler he needed to see

Albert Speer is the man who fascinates me even more than Hitler
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