Debut of Hamilton’s McKnight is the start of a beautiful relationship

This is the first Alex McKnight story and it is a good one.

When watching all the superhero movies of late, I enjoy the background story more than the fighting scenes that build to the climax. I know how those storylines are going to unfold, but discovering the beginning is always more interesting, more revealing and more dramatic.

Steve Hamilton has done a nice job introducing the world to a new character while also telling a decent tale. Even for a hardboiled detective story, there are a few unexpected plot twists. I also appreciate that the Hollywood-inevitable-ending story that society expects does not happen.

I like the relationships with the lawyer and the former mistress, in particular. As a Canadian form Toronto, I can appreciate the setting – the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This may be the most daring of Hamilton’s decisions: a reluctant, would-be private investigator based is an unexpected locale. Not a lot of sexiness here. Paradise is no San Francisco or LA, which means the story and the writing has to be that much stronger to appeal to the reader. It is as though Hamilton puts himself behind the eight ball right away. But, it works. McKnight spent summers in the town and by the time of this book has lived up north for more than a decade, but there is still a distance that separates him from the locals.

A Cold Day in Paradise is the first outing for Alex McKnight. If you are like me, then you take comfort in a series that tells the stories of a single protagonist. You get to know him, and you develop a relationship with him. His adventures become a part of your subconscious. This first book with McKnight is a great start to a series.

Michael Jabri-Pickett Speechwriter • Editor • Journalist