Book review: Hamilton’s Nick Mason is a modern knight errant

Steve Hamilton has combined two of the more interesting ideas: the hardboiled, good-guy character with that of the criminal.

Traditionally, in these types of stories, the ex-con is wrongfully convicted, but with Nick Mason that is not the case. Hamilton has created his own knight errant doing bad things for the right reasons.

I enjoy reading about men who battle with moral decisions that could damn them, but save the people they care about. I like the morally ambiguous moments. If you are a fan of Hammett or Chandler then you are comfortable with stories where there is no judgement from the character/author. The protagonists go about their day doing their jobs. They have their own code that guides them; and there is no interjecting of consequences, either moral or legal. Those decisions are left to the reader to think about.

Nick Mason is a man who struggles, and as I have entered by fifth decade of life, I can relate. Not having all the answers is part of living an interesting existence.

Michael Jabri-Pickett Speechwriter • Editor • Journalist