30 Oct

Top 10 things my children will never do

My father was born in the 1930s, yet much of what he experienced in his childhood and teenage years in the 1940s and ’50s growing up in Montreal, I also went through growing up in the 1970s and ’80s in Toronto
23 Oct

Time for the UAE to enforce the rule of law

For the business community to thrive in the UAE, the rule of law must be enforced
14 Oct

Book review: Speer saw the Hitler he needed to see

Albert Speer is the man who fascinates me even more than Hitler
10 Oct

Instagram is where the rulers of the UAE show their true colours

The UAE is embracing an unpublicised policy of openness
05 Oct

Tom Petty’s best songs were from Rock’s greatest decade: the ’70s

Tom Petty’s death is a reminder that the greatest music in the history of rock and roll was made in the 1970s
03 Oct

Jerry Seinfeld needs to correct Aaron Sorkin

I love reading great writing, watching skilled orators and listening to beautiful dialogue
22 Sep

Today’s best-known symbol is the green straw of Starbucks

Dan Brown fans know how powerful symbols have been throughout history

20 Sep

Netflix has done its research, which means I must now do mine

I have so many questions when I watch a Netflix show
18 Sep

Abu Dhabi must continue to grow while holding on to its history

One of Abu Dhabi’s greatest challenges is to be a modern city and maintain its small-town spirit

14 Sep

Debut of Hamilton’s McKnight is the start of a beautiful relationship

This is the first Alex McKnight story and it is a good one
05 Sep

Book review: Hamilton’s Nick Mason is a modern knight errant

Steve Hamilton has combined two of the more interesting ideas: the hardboiled, good-guy character with that of the criminal
07 Aug

Book review: Hamilton’s Nick Mason could stay original, or not

There is much to love about Exit Strategy